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Practice & Experience in Advanced Research Computing
Conference Series

The PEARC website is moving. Find us at https://pearc.acm.org/

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July 26–30, 2020 — Portland, OR
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July 28–August 1, 2019 — Chicago, IL
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July 9–13, 2017 — New Orleans, LA
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July 22–26, 2018 — Pittsburgh, PA
Prior XSEDE conference series
Prior ARCC workshop series

The PEARC organization coordinates the  PEARC conference series in order to provide a forum for discussing challenges, opportunities, and solutions among the broad range of participants in the research computing community. This community-driven effort builds on successes of the past, and aims to grow and be more inclusive by involving additional local, regional, national, and international cyberinfrastructure and research computing partners spanning academia, government and industry. The PEARC conference series is working to integrate and meet the collective interests of our growing community.


Chair: John Towns (NCSA) — XSEDE

Vice Chair: David Hart (NCAR)

Marisa Brazil (Arizona State University)

Dana Brunson (Internet2) — Campus Champions

Tom Cheatham (U Utah) — Campus Research Computing (CaRC) Consortium

Eli Dart — ESnet

Rudolf (Rudi) Eigenmann (University of Delaware)

Thomas Furlani (University of Buffalo) — PEARC19 General Chair

Sharon Broude Geva (University of Michigan)

Gwen Jacobs (U Hawaii) — PEARC20 General Chair

Joseph Paris (Northwestern) — PEARC21 General Chair

Tabitha Samuel (University of Tennessee, Knoxville; National Institute for Computational Sciences)

Former Members:

Jim Bottum

Mark Dietrich

Kelly Gaither

Bill Kramer

Sergiu Sanielevici

Nancy Wilkins-Diehr

Frank Würthwein


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